Auto Detailing

Let us help keep your vehicle BEAUTIFUL! Your car, truck or SUV are the second biggest investments of most families. Why not make sure it is clean and presentable? We provide at home detailing that will guarantee your satisfaction! Motorcycle family? We can make sure your bike is shined up and beautiful for your next bike outing!

Our services: 


Basic Hand wash: Outside two bucket hand wash, dashboards wiped down, windows cleaned, vacuum inside, Meguire's tire shine.


$40 Small vehicles (Hatchbacks, small coupes, 2 seaters)

$60 Medium vehicles (Sedans, small SUVs, Crossovers, 5 seats)

$80 Large vehicles (Station wagons, Mini vans, Lg\full size SUVs, 5-7seats, extended trunks)


Maintenance Detail: Outside two bucket hand wash, Meguire's interior protection in which we clean dashboards and door panels and provides UV protection, Windows cleaned, Interior vacuumed, Meguire's hyrdophobic quick wax, Meguire's wheel cleaner and tire shine.


$120 Small vehicles

$140 Medium vehicles

$160 Large vehicles


Full Service Detail: Outside two bucket hand wash, claybar treatment to remove embedded impurites, dirt and grime,  hand applied Meguires Compound wax, hand applied Meguire's Carnauba wax, Meguires dashboard and door panel cleaning, Interior vacuum, Carpet spot cleaning (see disclaimer) Meguire's wheel cleaner and tire shine, Meguire's Final touch Hydrophobic sealer spray.


$160 Small vehicles

$180 Medium vehicles

$200 Large vehicles


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Disclaimer: There is a $25 extra dirty fee. We only provide basic paint correction, i.e light scratches and swirl marks, deeper blemishes may need special attention. Carpet spot cleaning may not remove all stains due to longevity, nature of the stain and condition of the carpet. We are not responsible for exsisting rips, tears, discoloration of seats, roofs and interior surfaces due to time and or corrosion. Add $25 for extra large vehicles i.e duleys and large pick up trucks, buses, trailers, campers etc.